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Color Techniques

Di PPG-3 myristyl ether adipate (Cromollient DP3A, Croda) 14.00%w/w
Diethylhexyl maleate (Bernel Ester DOM, Alzo) 4.00
Steareth-10 (Volpo 10, Croda) 2.00
Steareth-2 (Volpo 2, Croda) 0.50
Cetyl alcohol (Crodacol C-70, Croda) 0.62
Dicetyl phosphate (and) ceteareth-20 phosphate (and) cetearyl alcohol (Crodofos CS-20 Acid, Croda) 4.00
Propylparaben 0.10
Water (aqua) 52.84
Potassium hydroxide, 10% 0.10
PEG-12 dimethicone (Silwet L-7087, GE) 0.10
TiO2 (and) galactoarabinan (GA-7811, Color Techniques) 6.00
Iron oxides (and) galactoarabinan (GA-7131 Yellow Iron Oxide, Color Techniques) 1.80
Iron oxides (and) galactoarabinan (GA-7206 Red Iron Oxide, Color Techniques) 1.10
Iron oxides (and) galactoarabinan (GA-7403 Black Iron Oxide, Color Techniques) 0.20
Talc (and) galactoarabinan (GA-70707 Talc, Color Techniques) 2.90
Butylene glycol 4.00
Magnesium aluminum silicate (Veegum Granules, Vanderbilt) 1.00
Butylene glycol 1.00
Cellulose gum (CMC7H3SF, Aqualon) 0.06
Butylene glycol 2.00
Methylparaben 0.30
Potassium hydroxide, 10% 1.20
DMDM hydantoin (Glydant, Lonza) 0.18

Procedure: Combine A and heat to 75—80°C with stirring. In a separate vessel, combine B. With a slow homomixer agitation, add C to B, homomixing until wetted and dispersed. Combine D and add to BC. Continue homomixing and heat to 85—90°C for 15 min. Cool to 75-80°C.  Combine E and add to BCD. Continue homomixing until dispersed. Combine F and add to BCDE. Add G to BCDEF. Slowly add A to batch while homomixing. Maintain temperature and agitation for 15 min. Cool to 45°C and add H. Cool to 30°C with sidesweep agitation.

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