Patent Pick: Matte Makeup and the Feel of Fillers


Fillers are commonly used in makeup to impart effects on the skin including a matte appearance, even complexion and/or sebum/excess skin moisture absorption. However, the use of fillers, especially lamellar or platelet-shaped fillers, can impact the sensory properties of cosmetics, including comfort during and after application.

Furthermore, when designing products, the formulator must ensure there is coherence between the look of the product and promised efficacy on the skin to reinforce the perception of efficacy. Thus, when designing a mattifying product, it is desirable for the product to have a matte appearance throughout all steps of use.

In relation, according to L'Oréal inventors, there is still a need for compositions that have both a matte appearance throughout all steps of use and a comfortable sensory profile. This was the focus of a new patent.

Superabsorbent polymer and lamellar or platelet-shaped mattifying mineral filler
U.S. Patent 9855449
Publication date: Jan. 2, 2018
Assignee: L'Oréal

Disclosed in this patent are compositions including an aqueous phase, a superabsorbent polymer and a lamellar or platelet-shaped matting mineral filler for products that are both comfortable to wear and matte in appearance throughout their use.

More specifically, the superabsorbent polymer is present at 0.05% to 15% and selected from cross-linked acrylic homopolymers or copolymers. Furthermore, said polymer is, in dry form, in the form of particles with a weight-average size of less than or equal to 100 μm.

The lamellar or platelet-shaped matting mineral filler is incorporated at 0.05% to 10% and selected from perlite and expanded perlite and mixtures thereof. The final composition is either in the form of an o/w or w/o emulsion.

The disclosed compositions are intended for application to keratin materials in the cosmetic or dermatological field, particularly to care for, protect and/or make up body or facial skin or hair.

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