Halal Cosmetics Growing in the Middle East

Dubai, UAE is looking to capitalize on the growing halal cosmetic market. Halal cosmetics are those that are allowed under Islamic law. According to a report by the Al Bawaba Group, the halal cosmetic market is estimated at nearly US$560 million worldwide.

In response to the growing popularity of halal cosmetics, Dubai is positioning itself as the regional hub for the products. The Emirate currently sells nearly US$150 billion in halal merchandise, of which a large portion is personal care.

The demand for halal cosmetics is growing in the area surrounding Dubai, according to the report. One possible reason for the demand may be the growing awareness surrounding personal care ingredients. Also contributing to the demand may be the sharp growth across the Middle East in beauty sales. Personal care in the Middle East has grown nearly 12% annually, and it was estimated at nearly US$2.1 billion in 2006.

Dubai will be the location of  Beautyworld Middle East 2007. This event is organized by Messe Frankfurt, and according to its coordinators there has already been inquiry as to whether representation of halal cosmetics will be present at the event. For more information about the event, visit: www.messefrankfurtme.com.

-The Al Bawaba Group


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