LumiSet™ Film Formers for Long-Wear Nail Coatings


Now formulators can use LumiSet™ film-forming polyurethane and polyurethane methacrylate resins with gel-polish chemistries to add toughness and durability to their nail polishes, without the usual obstacles. These natural-light curable resins air-dry tack free, provide excellent adhesion, and are tough and flexible so there’s no need for UV lamps.

Due to their superior flexibility over cellulose resins, nail polish formulators can easily create 5-free formulations without suspect materials like TSF, DBP, or other plasticizers and adhesion promoters. LumiSet resins also have excellent compatibility with common organic solvents like butyl and ethyl acetate, and with common film formers like nitrocellulose.

Different material options are available for base/color coat formulations or top coat formulations, allowing either for improved adhesion to the nail bed or excellent intrinsic hydrophobicity built into the resin backbone. Both reactive and non-reactive versions of LumiSet resins are available. Download our sell sheet to see specific product data.


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