New COSMOS Certified Silicon Replacement – Cosphaderm® Feel with Free Technical Datasheet


Cosphatec launched Cosphaderm® Feel, an ingredient perfectly suitable for natural cosmetics producers who do not want to miss out on silicone-like features.

As a replacement for silicones (e.g., Cyclomethicone DS) the product impresses with its very high spreadability and excellent skin compatibility. Cosmetic formulators can apply Cosphaderm® Feel as an emollient in w/o and o/w emulsions and can create a wonderful product with a light, mildly lubricating and silky skin sensation. Cosphaderm® Feel is a brilliant solvent for UV filters and pigments, and is therefore a perfect fit for sun care products and color cosmetics. Moreover, Cosphaderm® Feel is an easy-to-apply liquid which can be used pH-independently in a concentration of 5–10 %.

Cosphaderm® Feel is a 100 % naturally derived triglyceride of heptanoic acid. Sourced from castor oil, the cosmetic raw material contains no palm oil and is, of course, COSMOS certified.


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