Pathway to Radiant Skin


Our Color Care segment contributes to the market with a wide range of special-effect pigments and functional ingredients that are on trend, unique and skin-friendly. BASF offers highly effective solutions that create an immediate visual and sensory impact: a radiant appearance and an expression of personality.

Offering radiant results for Color Cosmetic Products

Radiant skin continues to be a reflection of timeless beauty and glamour. The magical words in color cosmetics these days are “radiance” and “glow.” Consumers are placing greater emphasis on their skin for a look that illuminates from within and emphasizes one’s natural beauty.

Effect pigments play a key role in the optical properties of the skin’s surface and contribute to skin radiance. Radiant skin continues to be a trend at the forefront of color cosmetics. The formulas are so innovative and beauty leaders are trying to develop the next phase of industry technology for achieving a radiant, glowing complexion.

Effect Pigments can give Radiant Effects in both Color Cosmetic and Personal Care applications.

Here is a sampling of Effect Pigments BASF offers to help achieve a radiant effect in your formulations. 

Chione™ HD Metric Violet S530V

Flamenco® Velvet 120V

Chione Infinite White S130V

Flamenco Satina 120T

Flamenco Ultra Silk 2500

Timica Extra Bright 1500


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