Customizable Formulations Offered by Bath Junkie

Customizable skin and body care has come to fruition with Bath Junkie, a chain of stores that off "do-it-yourself" bath products. The store allows consumers to customize their product's scent and color.

When entering the store, the consumer chooses the product they want to create, whether it be the Evening Primrose Face Cream with African Shea Butter, a cream featuring gamma linolenic acid from african shea butter, primrose oil, olive oil and a number of vitamins; or Everywhere Foaming Body Wash, a product featuring triethanolamine lauryl sulfate, propylene glycol, water (aqua), glycerin, lanolin, 2-methyl-4-isothiazolin-3-one, phenoxyethanol and propanediol.

The consumer then is directed to fragrance bar, where they can choose nearly 200 oils in scents such as dewberry or green tea to mix into their product. They then go to a mixing bar, where the store mixes their product. Natural-based food coloring is blended in to the consumer's desired shade followed by packaging.

The store was first created in 1996 in Fayetteville, AK, USA, and now has nearly 68 locations. The company maintains that formulas are free of parabens, alcohol, mineral oil and sulfates.

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