Multi-Sensory Technologies for Today’s Effervescent Bath and Shower Products

The basics of effervescent bath tablet technology were previously published in this magazine.1 This article examines recent advances in this basic technology that move the possibilities for sensory stimulation to new levels.


The more senses a product stimulates, the greater the chances for consumer delight. This paradigm leads product developers to incorporate as many sensory cues into their creations as they can. One of the beauties of effervescent technology is that it is ideally suited to produce bath products that can excite multiple senses.

The fizzing sound of the effervescent reaction, the burst of fragrance delivered directly under the bather’s nose, the dispersion of color throughout the bath water, and the tactile sensations of emollients both in the water and on the skin after the bath help create high levels of consumer satisfaction. Products that use well-known effervescent technology do all of these things quite well.

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