A Natural Ingredient Created for Aging Male Skin


Because men's skin can be damaged by a variety of factors like shaving, it needs to be simultaneously toned and protected by acting on the key mechanisms daily. For recharged skin that stays younger-looking for longer, Naolys created MReload Sequoia (INCI: Sequoia Sempervirens (Leaf Cell) Extract).

In the United States, for many men, wearing a beard is en vogue, which has the added benefit of protecting skin from damage caused by daily shaving; i.e., dehydration, irritation and redness. For others, especially men in urban environments in regions such as Asia, where full beards are less common, men's skin is more exposed and, as such, more susceptible to damage. In fact, according to Naolys, men have a more developed microcirculation, making them more prone to redness.

On the other hand, men's skin is naturally thicker (60 μm vs. 50 μm for women); oilier, due to higher levels of sebum, caused by a 10-times-higher level of testosterone than women; and firmer, due to a greater quantity of collagen. According to the company, these factors slow the signs of aging in men’s skin.

However, according to the company, from the age of 40, aging features accelerate, and deep wrinkles can appear relatively quickly. It is therefore important to take preventive measures and to repair physiological and environmental damage resulting in the appearance of wrinkles, dryness and irritation.

MReload Sequoia serves a dual action in aging skin: prevention and repair. It firms the skin by increasing and maintaining water in the upper layers, which tends to evaporate more quickly with age. It also enables drying to be reduced and maintains the skin barrier to protect against daily physical and chemical damage. The skin therefore keeps its original smooth appearance and is better protected against external threats.

By reinvigorating the production of the skin’s support elements, i.e., collagen and proteoglycans, which decline with age, the ingredient enables the skin to be maintained and prevents slackening. It also protects the skin by reducing the inflammatory response that increases with age and exposure to daily light radiation.

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