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Beiersdorf Refutes Reports that Artificial Blue Light Causes Skin Damage

Beiersdorf has released a statement refuting reports that artificial blue light, e.g., from smartphones, laptops and tablets, causes skin damage.

[podcast] Hyper Hygiene and Future Directions for the Skin Microbiome

Continuing our discussion on what we know about the skin microbiome, this follow-up interview with Larry Weiss, M.D., of Symbiome, considers the impact of today's hyper-hygienic practices and looks to what's next for skin microbiome care. Listen now.

Shiseido Decodes Negative Impact of Digital Fatigue in Skin

Shiseido reported findings of the negative effects of digital fatigue in skin, including reduced barrier function, irregularity in corneocytes and oxidative damage. A shikuwasa extract was shown to help; read on to see how.

Topical Avena sativa Improves Skin Health in Adults Undergoing Cancer Treatment

An oat-based topical skin care regimen was shown to provide relief of dry skin and itch for adult patients undergoing oncology treatments.

Quality Culture Part II: Raw Materials

This second installment in our four-part series provides real-life scenarios of microbial contamination that occurred during cosmetic product manufacturing—and the countermeasures taken.

C. acnes Assist: Evolving Skin Care for Changing Needs, A Commentary*

The present discussion explores the possibilities of utilizing C. acnes as a probiotic to address skin deficiencies as they change from adolescence to adulthood. While the technology to fully support this approach is still developing, the research suggests it could be a path forward for evolving skin concerns.

A Look at Lipids: Profiles Across Ethnicity and Age, A Review*

Newly elucidated roles have been uncovered in the literature regarding the effects of surface lipids on normal skin functions, dry or atopic skin and acne. In addition, differences with regards to ethnicity and age have been highlighted. The present article offers a review of these findings.

[podcast] What We Know About the Skin Microbiome

Where is the cosmetics industry in terms of understanding the skin microbiome? And what approaches could engage or support the entities therein? Larry Weiss, M.D., tells us, in this exclusive interview. Listen now.

Cosmetic Victories 2021 Winner Profile: Self-Assembled Microgel Films

Self-assembled microgel films won the Cosmetic Victories 2021 academic prize. IPREM's bio-inspired gels are said to offer unique properties, opening the door to applications for cosmetics and health care.

Comparatively Speaking: Chemical Compound vs. Chemical Complex Composition

Chemical compounds are easier to analyze, quantitate and evaluate in a formulation than chemical complex compositions. Tony O'Lenick explains why in this installment of "Comparatively Speaking."

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