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Letter to the Editor: Critique of 'Safer Sweat Control' Article

"I read 'Safer Sweat Control' in the January 2020 Cosmetics & Toiletries and would like to offer some critical comments based on my extensive knowledge of antiperspirant and deodorant technology from 31 years [of experience]."

Bayer and Azitra to Jointly Identify Bacteria Driving Acne, Dermatitis

Bayer AG and Azitra Inc. announced they will collaborate to research, identify and characterize skin microbiome bacteria to help conditions such as acne, rosacea, atopic dermatitis and even to accelerate wound healing.

Duolab Creates Preservative-free, Personalized Skin Care Solution

With help from L’Occitane Group, Duolab created an on-demand personalized and preservative-free skin care solution with capsules that include moisturizing bases and targeted concentrates as a generated protocol.

Words from Wiechers: Indecent Proposal

In this installment of our Words from Wiechers series, the late author toys with our imaginations over the dynamics of pricing that occur between buyers and suppliers. O'Lenick proposes a different perspective in light of market realities.

How Stress Depletes Melanocytes, Turns Hair White

Work recently published in the journal Nature explains why exposure to high levels of stress can cause hair to turn white.

Netzch Expands Product Portfolio with Rheometers

Netzch has enhanced its product portfolio with rheometers as thermal analysis instruments.

New Measuring Additions for C+K Electronic’s Tewameter

C+K Electronic adds to its collection of TEWL sensors with the Tewameter Hex. The device, using additive sensors that are equipped, measures skin’s water loss or local skin energy balance, vapor concentration and humidity on the skin.

Jojoba Desert Achieves Sustainability One Drop at a Time

Jojoba Desert has focused from the ground-up by using drip irrigation to cultivate its ingredient, JD Jojoba Oil, and reusing resources to create a green and eco-friendly habitat for wildlife.

Cities and Skin: Phoenix Best, Mumbai Worst

Chemberry revealed the results of a study in which 80 cities worldwide were analyzed for their external effects on skin. The study identified the best and worst U.S. and global cities for skin health.

Deinove, Sharon Labs Partner Toward Cosmetic Bioactives

Deinove partners with Sharon Laboratories in a Memorandum of Understanding to develop bio-based cosmetic solutions.

DSM Collaboration Brings Probiotic Technology

Royal DSM signed an agreement with S-Biomedic to bring probiotic technology to the skin care market aimed specifically for acne-prone skin.

RH During Sleep Affects Skin Condition

AmorePacific researchers published findings on how relativity humidity can affect skin during sleep. Results suggest controlling room conditions could be an approach to skin care.

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