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Could PPAR-α Activation Be as Big a Breakthrough as Retinoids?

Research published in Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology shows a plant-derived complex activated PPAR-α, in turn accelerating barrier repair functions in human skin explants. This finding could be as big a breakthrough as retinoids, one author reports.

Solution that Targets 7 Facets of Follicles Shown to Prevent Hair Loss, Promote Growth

The formulations were developed to support seven areas of hair follicle health: growth factors, circulation, anti-androgens, follicle protection, hair stem cell stimulation, immune regulation and nutrition.

Words from Wiechers: Is Cosmetic Science Really 'Bad'? Part II: Scum of the Earth

This edition of Words from Wiechers debates: Are claims on cosmetic products exaggerated? While Wiechers presents strong points, column editor Tony O'Lenick believes that by and large, cosmetic companies are very conscious not to alienate consumers by making wild claims.

Patent Pick: L'Oréal Matches Sunscreens to Skin Tone

Inclusive beauty and customized color cosmetics are combined to create skin tone-matching sunscreens in a recent L'Oréal patent application.

The Ins and Outs of Aging: Intrinsic/Extrinsic Factors and Nutricosmetic Fixes

The combined effects of aging over the human lifespan can impact the structural integrity and physiological functions of skin. The present article reviews these influences and proposes nutricosmetic solutions to support skin health and well aging.

Skin Reset: TCM-inspired Reishi Mushroom to Reprogram Signs of Aging

The present work examines the potential of a TCM-inspired and water-based Ganoderma lucidum (Reishi mushroom) extract to reactivate the skin's rejuvenation program by resetting the epigenetic clock. With aging, genes attributed to a youthful appearance become incorrectly programmed and are epigenetically switched off, accelerating skin aging.

Skin Cancer Therapy at Home Now Possible via Coin-sized PDT Device

A pilot study of 15 BCC patients presented during the EADV 30th Congress 2021 highlighted the efficacy of the prototype device in an at-home setting with improved comfort to the users. Could this transfer to skin care?

Foam from Tropical Frogs Could Improve Transdermal Actives Delivery

The foam produced by Túngara frogs during mating could improve the transdermal delivery of actives through the skin, according to an open access paper published by The Royal Society Publishing.

Halloysite Clay May Deliver Retinol, Niacinamide and Glycolic Acid to Skin

A paper published in Molecules theorizes the absorption of retinol, niacinamide and glycolic acid in halloysite clay nanotubes and their potential benefits in topical skin care.

Coptis Constructs Cosmetic Regulatory Database: Coptis Reg

Coptis Reg provides formulators with access to validated, detailed and continuously updated cosmetic regulatory data where they can perform effective regulatory checks.

Sytheon Finds Synoxyl AZ Stabilizes Vitamin C Precursor THDC

When formulated with Synoxyl AZ, THDC is stablized, giving this vitamin C precursor higher skin efficacy.

Kao Finds the True ‘Biological Age’ of Skin

Kao has assessed variations in individual aging to estimate skin's “biological" age, rather than chronological age; assessments were made based on skin surface lipids-RNA.

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