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Colorescience Shows Iron Oxides Extend Blue Light Protection

A Colorescience product containing iron oxides, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide was shown to attenuate light in the HEV (blue) spectrum. Results were published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology.

AI-aided Pathways Effectively Synthesize Naturally Occurring Compounds

AI-aided technology continues to find utility in cosmetics R&D. A recent paper published in Nature provides an example, showing the efficacy of computational synthesis planning for naturally occurring compounds.

Shiseido Uncovers IL-8 Skin Damage, Points to Lymphatic Skin Care Approach

Shiseido researchers have found that age-related inflammatory factors (IL-8), which accumulate over time if not cleared by lymphatic vessels from the skin, damage epidermal skin cells and accelerate aging.

[update] Comparatively Speaking: Matter vs. Mind Claims

This "Comparatively Speaking" was revived from 2008 for its relevance today. In it, Tony O’Lenick posed the question: What’s the difference between a "mind" claim and a "matter" claim? Industry expert Johann Wiechers, Ph.D., explained.

Anti-cellulite Literature: Microneedles, PGI2 Agonists and Prickly Ash

MarketWatch projects the global cellulite treatment market will see a CAGR of 5.5% from 2020 to 2025. In relation, we offer the following brief review of recent anti-cellulite R&D in the literature.

Kao Predicts 86 Changes in Skin with Age, Menstrual Cycle and More

Kao Corp. has designed a technique using AI and RNA from skin lipids to predict 86 constantly changing skin attributes. Results indicate shifts in skin moisture, transparency and glycosylation with age and during the menstrual cycle.

Tweaking Polyether Alkyl Derivatives to Modify Rheology

Polyether alkyl urea derivatives serve as gelators in cosmetic solvents and according to recent work published in Applied Polymer Materials, can produce different rheological effects depending on the solvent used.

[podcast] Sexual Wellness and Tantalizing Connections to Beauty

Arousing results from a new clinical study connect masturbation with skin health benefits. In this exclusive video interview, Jamie Leventhall, founder and CEO of the sexual wellness brand clio/plusOne, explains.

Study Finds Skin Rashes Persist Post-COVID-19 Infection

Researchers from Massachusetts General Hospital report that "long haul" COVID-19 survivors present with skin problems such as rashes that can last for months.

State of the Art: Hand Hygiene and Disease Prevention, Part III

The authors invite you to submit to this "living article" to help us keep on top of new developments (see Page 50). This article is the final part in our series on hand hygiene. It considers regulatory, legal and social aspects.

Breaking Down Barriers: Halal Nail Polish and the Islamic Perspective

Halal cosmetics are developed to satisfy the unique requirements of Islamic religious tenets, described briefly herein. In relation, the authors compare the ingredients utilized in traditional versus halal nail polish.

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