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'Goddess' Linking Stress to Aging Revealed

A study from the Boston University School of Medicine has revealed mutations in the longevity gene klotho, named for the Greek goddess Clotho, are connected with cellular aging.

Skin Care Could Translate to Brain, Heart and Blood Sugar Health

We hear it all the time: the skin is the largest organ, and we focus on ways to address signs of aging or ailments. But according to a new study, skin health (or lack thereof) could have much larger implications.

L’Oréal, uBiome Partner to Advance Skin Microbiome Research

Citing the demand for personalized skin care, the partnership will conduct research on the skin microbiome in order to inspire future product development and provide insight to consumers.

Fluid Beauty: Biometric Measures to Innovate 'Genderless' Cosmetics

According to Mintel, the share of global fragrance launches taken by unisex products grew from 9.5% in 2015 to 11.9% in 2016 as brands respond to a new 'genderless' demand. Described here is a biometric approach to create a genderless perfume and a new methodology for its evaluation.

Corbion Copolymer Enables Stimulus-activated Controlled Release for Novel Applications

The copolymer has the potential for unprecedented efficiencies in various markets, including cosmetics, as it can deliver special functionalities such as adhesion or controlled release.

Stigma Surrounding Acne Leading to Psychological Trauma

Acne can affect children, teenagers and adults, and there is a negative stigma around acne that researchers Aisling O'Donnell, Ph.D., and Jamie Davern wanted to address in a survey they conducted.

Anti-pollution, Attained: Marrubium Vulgare Neutralizes Particulate Matter and Ozone

The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of pollutants on in vitro models. Following this, plant extracts were screened, and Marrubium vulgare was found to protect against pollutant-induced damage.

[podcast] The Sound and Scent of Efficacy

"While the consumer will think of ... feeling the softness of hair or smoothness of skin, our research has shown that none of our experiences is just unisensory. ...If we know that perception is multisensory, we start thinking about the role [of other senses]." Learn more from Charles Spence, Ph.D., in this seven-part podcast series, sponsored by Berjé.

Sponsored by Berjé

[video] Student Poster: Green Method for Selective Benzylic Monooxidation

Haley Kuck has a big idea to bring cosmetics R&D up to speed; specifically, in relation to oxidation testing. Learn more from this video interview.

Research Finds This Factor to Boost Facial Skin Moisture

Lotions and potions are not the secret to lasting skin hydration—according to Skin Research and Technology findings, a very fine water mist can improve skin moisture and barrier function.

Culture Biosciences is Automating Small-batch Fermentation

Among its first clients: Geltor, a company which employs engineered yeast to make animal-free collagen for the beauty industry.

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