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Research Unpacks Cosmetic Packaging Design Process

A paper published in the International Journal of Manufacturing Economics and Management investigates packaging design from a product development view with an eye toward sustainability and biomimicry.

[podcast] Bakuchiol Anti-aging: Retinol Equal, Opposite Action

Research presented by Burt's Bees during this year's AAD virtual conference reinforced previous work showing bakuchiol's anti-aging efficacy, but unexpectedly uncovered an opposite mechanism to that of retinol. Listen to this free podcast to learn more.

Extracting Plants Using Supercritical Glycerin

With Cannabis sativa as an initial target, supercritical glycerin could be used as a solvent to extract natural bioactive compounds.

Indian Sandalwood Oil Is a Potent Antioxidant

Recent research has shown that when used in cosmetics, Indian sandalwood oil has anti-aging and antioxidant properties.

Neural Networks Predict Material Structures, Behaviors Faster

A recent interview on Phys.org with Argonne National Laboratory Engineer Mark Messner explores how neural networks in AI could be used to predict material structures, given preferred properties, some 2,000+ times faster than standard simulations.

How Broccoli Puts a Halt to Hair Loss

Sulforaphane, an isothiocyanate isolated from broccoli, has been shown to inhibit underlying mechanisms of hair loss.

Research Reveals Additive-free Synthesis of Low Hydrolysis Amphiphiles

Research published in Angewandte Chemie demonstrates mixing via the Staudinger reaction has the capability to synthesize amphiphilic molecules without the use of catalysts or reagents.

Shikimic Acid in Giant Sequoia Converts Fibroblasts, Regenerates Skin

AmorePacific researchers, among others, have bylined a study showing that shikimic acid in giant sequoia callus can reprogram dermal fibroblasts into precursor cells that facilitate wound healing, enhance dermal reconstruction and increase markers for collagen.

Research Finds Applying Makeup Activates the Brain in the Visually Impaired

A recent study utilizing functional magnetic resonance imaging concluded, “applying makeup is a personally rewarding activity even for blind females, as it strongly activates the reward system and the reward/memory system network."

Shadowing Plants: Phytochemicals for Sustainable Sun Protection, A Commentary

Plants have evolved an array of metabolites to face photo-oxidative stress and irradiation. This article offers a commentary about how such phytoconstituents could support the development of effective, natural and sustainable sun protection.

Enhancing Hair Health: Effects of Oiling, Inside and Out—Part II

This second installment in a two-part series reviews the literature for research analyzing the benefits of hair oiling at the corticular level; part one examined surface modifications in hair. Here, oil penetration is critically analyzed, along with its internal effects in terms of hair softness, flexibility and strength. These benefits are illustrated in both single fiber and bulk research.

Industry Insight: Natural Therapy for Skin and Spirit—Avena sativa

In this "Industry Insight," Simarna Kaur, Ph.D., platform leader and R&D fellow for translational science at Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health shares J&J’s research to improve the skin condition of cancer patients.

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