Regenacol Skincare System Provides Cellular Hydration with Colostrum-LD

This anti-aging skin care line uses the capabilities of bee venom and Colostrum-LD to provide wrinkle-reducing and moisturizing benefits.
This anti-aging skin care line uses the capabilities of bee venom and Colostrum-LD to provide wrinkle-reducing and moisturizing benefits.

The Regenacol Skincare System is an anti-aging skin care range. The system provides intensive moisturization and cellular hydration to leave the skin smooth and silky, thanks to Colostrum-LD. 

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This ingredient is reportedly rich in skin growth factors and carried in a liposomal delivery system, which imparts a rejuvenating experience. The line includes a moisturizing cream, serum and face mask.

More specifically, Colostrum-LD is said to contain regenerating bioactives to support natural skin health: epithelial and epidermal (skin) growth factors, which promote the rapid replacement of skin cells. In relation, in a recent study published in the Journal on Drugs in Dermatology, liposomal bovine colostrum appeared to provide a protective effect on telomere length erosion. The company concluded this suggests topical treatment with a liposomal colostrum formulation could enhance skin health as it ages.

The Regenacol Telomere AGE Defiance Serum with Colostrum-LD is described as a lightweight serum developed with plant-derived bioactives and Colostrum-LD growth factors for firmer, smoother, more even-toned and younger-looking skin with an overall radiant appearance.

The Regenacol Bee Venom Moisturizing Cream with Colostrum-LD uses New Zealand bee venom reportedly to energize and refine skin texture. The active ingredient in bee venom is melittin, which is responsible for the slight tingle users feel with topical use. When the melittin-rich bee venom is applied to the skin topically, it is said to direct blood flow to the area to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin.

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Finally, Regenacol Colostrum-LD Concentrated Revitalizing Face Mask is a concentrated facial sheet mask containing Colostrum-LD to encourage the skin's natural recovery from environmental factors. The blend of coenzyme Q10, beta-glucan, gold kiwi extract and Oligo Fucoidan Fucoskin with Colostrum-LD creates a rejuvenating mask leaving skin smoother, hydrated, more radiant and projecting a healthy glow.

"The health of our skin is dependent on the health of our gut," says Shelley Treadaway, spokesperson for Sovereign Laboratories, makers of Colostrum-LD. "We're excited to bring a revolutionary line of topical skin care products that complements our nutritional supplement, Colostrum-LD, to the market. By utilizing bovine colostrum and applying it directly to the face, people can immediately reap the benefits of the Colostrum-LD growth factors on their skin."

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