Mary Kay Pinpoints Peptide, Centella Meristem Combo for Anti-gravity Effects


Mary Kay Inc. shared its latest research focused on the causes and underlying mechanisms of slackened skin during the 49th Annual Meeting of the European Society for Dermatological Research (ESDR), held September 18-21, 2019, in Bordeaux, France.

According to the company, slackened, sagging skin tends to become prevalent with aging, especially in the fourth or fifth decades of life, and regardless of lifestyle or environmental exposure. The constant effect of gravity over time contributes to the emergence of prominent nasolabial folds and sagging skin along the jawline and neck.

“As sagging skin is a consumer concern, we developed a treatment product specifically targeted to lift sagging skin,” said Lucy Gildea, Ph.D., chief scientific officer at Mary Kay Inc. “Our scientists tested hundreds of materials on human skin cells to identify the most effective combination of ingredients that help promote natural hyaluronic acid and collagen, the two factors that are reduced in slackened skin.

"A unique peptide and meristem cells from the Centella asiatica plant stood out in terms of efficacy. That’s why we selected them for use in a cosmetic serum. The serum efficacy has been verified in our labs and by women themselves on their skin in clinical tests." The end result became the company's TimeWise Repair Volu-Firm Lifting Serum.

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