Green Coffee Arabica Anti-aging

Contipro Biotech s.r.o., formerly CPN, introduced Fe-Stim (INCI: Not Provided), an anti-aging product derived from green Coffea arabica seeds. According to the company, the high levels of chlorogenic acid attained by multi-stage purification infuse this ingredient with original qualities. It provides antioxidant effects and improves the viscoelastic properties of the skin. In additoin, its low molecular weight eases penetration into the skin.

The elasticity of the skin enables it to withstand mechanical stress and maintain its original shape. These properties deteriorate with age, which is reflected adversely in withered, less flexible skin. In an in vivo study on 14 volunteers aged 26 to 63 years, after four weeks' treatment with the ingredient, the viscoelastic properties of the skin were improved.

Although MMPs play an indispensable role in the body’s immune response, the downside is that they degrade the extracellular matrix (ECM) including elements such as collagen and elastin. If oxidative stress is restricted, the ECM is much better protected. In a study of the antioxidant efficacy of the product and vitamin E (Trolox), the ingredient's effects were comparable to vitamin E.

Another of the ingredient's elasticity-enhancing effects is its ability to stimulate the production of elastin in dermal fibroblasts. Further, it influences the production of CTGF and other cell signalling, helping to increase the synthesis of ECM.


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