Skin Dryness: A New Target for Mature Skin Formulas?

Vichy Laboratoires sponsored a survey of 686 menopausal women to examine skin care concerns in this age group. Interestingly, the survey found that dryness may supersede wrinkles as a concern for women ages 50+. The fieldwork for the phone survey was conducted by Opinion Research Corp.

Of the 686 women surveyed, 82% reported they experienced changes in the appearance of their skin once they entered menopause. Additionally, 53% reported the most common issue they faced after entering menopause was dry skin, followed closely by an increase in wrinkles and a sagging neck.

Many of the women also changed their beauty routine with menopause, as 67% reported purchasing new skin care and color cosmetic products to address these issues.

As baby boomers continue to age, the need for skin care and color cosmetics that address their changing skin will grow. This suggests a new area of opportunity for personal care R&D: to refocus raw materials and formulations to address dryness rather than wrinkles in skin care targeted to menopausal women .

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