J&J Researchers Stimulate Skin's Bioelectricity with Microparticle Minerals

Scientists at Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies Inc. have studied how the body's electrical field affects skin regeneration to create a topical rejuvenating treatment that is said to reduce the signs of aging. Cytomimic Technology combines essential minerals to deliver biological levels of electric signals similar to the skin's natural bioelectricity.

The technology was introduced at the 68th Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) on March 5-9, 2010, at the Miami Beach Convention Center.

According to the company, bioelectricity is the body's native electrical signaling process that helps direct physiological activities at the cellular level. With age, bioelectrical signals reportedly diminish resulting in decreased cell-to-cell communication, production of essential proteins such as collagen and elastin and healing abilities.  As the production of proteins is lessened, wrinkles, loss of firmness and sagging skin results. 

The technology utilizes energized microparticles of zinc and copper in a delivery system that helps stimulate the body's rejuvenation processes. The microparticles are activated by moisture so they may activate skin function. On the skin's surface, the microparticles mimic the body's electrical signal restore youthful looking skin.

The company finds that the microparticle technology is the first in skin care to deliver electricity at a scale to simulate the body's bioelectricity levels in the form of a topical treatment. Treatment with the microparticles reportedly results in: improved cell activity, shown in vitro by enhanced expression of collagen and elastin; accelerated improvement in reducing the signs of aging; improved skin texture, firmness and radiance; demonstrated anti-inflammatory activity to address a potential cause of aging.

The technology is said it work in as little as 30 minutes. It was discovered in 2004 by Dr. Ying Sun and his colleagues Dr. Jue-Chen Liu and Jeannette Chantalat.


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