Collagen-Boosting, Wrinkle-Reducing Products Hit the Market

The Group Technical Centre (GTC) highlighted the latest offerings in skin care. High Resolution Collaser-48 is a fast-acting, collagen-boosting serum from Lancôme. It is said to boost the production of collagen by 69% within 48 hours and after six weeks, it claims to vanish a quarter of facial wrinkles vanish. The product is aimed at women over 35 and has been inspired by laser technology techniques. To encourage the synthesis of collagen I and VII, plant di- and tri-peptides have been incorporated in the formulation. Additionally, caffeine has been added to boost microcirculation, as well as antioxidant vitamins to protect cells from free radicals.

Clinique extended its Turnaround range with two new products. Turnaround Concentration Visible Skin Renewer is a concentrated serum, reportedly designed to encourage natural cell renewal. It is a gentle exfoliator that can be used twice a day to improve the complexion and diminish the appearance of lines. The Turnaround 15-Minute Facial is a strong exfoliator, equal in strength to mild dermabrasion, and should be used on a weekly basis.

Shine Control is a new skin care line from Boiré, which has been designed to control oiliness without drying the skin. The Shine Control Wash contains soothing rosemary, nettle, sage and aloe to cleanse the skin without stripping it. The company’s Shine Control Clay Mask absorbs oil and dirt with the help of menthol, peppermint leaf and rosemary. The Shine Control Moisturizer is a lightweight, oil-free cream that does not clog pores and uses micro-sponges to absorb excess oil.

Malous’s new BOA facial exfoliator contains a patent-pending exfoliant that is said to un-block pores and moisturize in one application, yet is gentle enough to be used daily. This exfoliant is derived from clays, minerals and jojoba oil.

Kiehl's Centella Recovery Skin Salve reduces redness and soothes irritation with the aid of aloe vera, vitamin E and honey.

Clarins launched its Essential Water, available in two separate variants. They are designed for consumers who like the sensation of cleansing with water but cannot use it as it dries their skin. The One-Step Cleansing Waters are enriched with essential waters and remove light makeup and impurities. The peach product is for normal or dry skin and mint is for combination to oily skins. For added benefits, coconut dissolves surface build-up and light makeup, moringa seed extract neutralizes harmful pollution and detoxifies the skin, isphagul and provitamin B5 soften and hydrate the skin by rebalancing its protective mantle, the hydrolipidic film.

Also new from Clarins is Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch, a skin product that claims to fill in lines and wrinkles to diminish their appearance. The formula also has added skin benefits to help physically diminish lines and acacia pigment to brighten skin tone and camouflage imperfections.

New to Decléor's Harmonie range is its Gentle Soothing Mask, which nourishes and re-balances fragile skin. Incorporating Soothing Plant Complex, the product is formulated with sugars and almond protein, along with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory polyphenols of hawthorn to strengthen the skin's defense system. To enhance the soothing and hydrating properties, essential waters of orange blossom and rose have been added along with shea butter and essential oils.

Intensive Rebuilding Lotion from Prescriptives PX contains a HydraBuild complex that reportedly helps to stimulate natural glycosaminoglycan (GAGs) production, helping to maximize the abundance of hyaluronic acid and water in the skin. Hexapeptides claim to boost the skin's natural repair mechanisms, resulting in firmer-looking skin. The HylaFill complex is said to concentrate on the outer layer of the skin, binding moisture to help smooth existing lines and wrinkles. The hydrating formula restores moisture for a youthful-looking appearance. - Group Technical Centre (GTC)

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