Marine Ingredient Wins Gold, Has Us All—Especially Skin—Talking


Cellynkage (INCI: Propanediol (and) Water (aqua) (and) Saccharide Isomerate) is a new marine ingredient developed by Lipotec to enhance direct communication between neighboring skin cells as well as crosstalk between epidermal and dermal cells. According to the company, the ingredient can restore skin homeostasis lost during aging and especially during menopause.

As women approach menopause, increases in dryness, reductions in skin thickness and elasticity, changes in surface roughness and microrelief, and accentuated wrinkles and age spots become more apparent. These effects are due in part to changes in the signaling between skin cells. Thus, re-establishing this communication is key for minimizing visible signs of aging.

Applying a 2% active cream to menopausal skin for 56 days increased the thickness of the epidermis by 15%, collagen density in the dermis by 2.4%, and improved skin surface homogeneity significantly by 7.9%. In addition, the microrelief structure reportedly improved by 113%, compared with a placebo.

The ingredient was awarded Gold in the second edition of the Institute of Technology and Studies for Cosmetics, Toiletries and Fragrances' (ITEHPEC's) Innovation Awards 2016, presented during in-cosmetics Latin America last week.

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