Joybliss™, a novel green active ingredient with a plumping efficacy


Bliss is defined as an immeasurable state of complete joy. For each of us, the journey to this state of fullness is different and life’s keystones can take many forms. As a human natural instinct, we are in pursuit of this complete state of joy. According to psychologists, to reach it, our wheel of life, which is made up of different key aspects such as travel, love-life, work and career, etc. should be as full as possible to bring balance and happiness to our life, so our journey through it glides smoothly. 

In the same way, to bring to your skin a refreshed, awakened and younger appearance, your wheel of plumping should also be as full as possible. Aging itself and internal/external factors such as hereditary components, UV, smoke, alcohol, chronic sleep deprivation and diet can lead to a decrease in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory capacity,y which can damage the adipose tissue. Age-dependent modification of the facial subcutaneous white adipose tissue influences the mechanical stability of the skin and causes the development of aging signs such as wrinkles, loss of elasticity, fullness and luminosity, etc.  

If we go deeper into the hypodermis or subcutaneous white adipose tissue, this one can be divided into three different layers, where the one directly in contact with the dermis is called dWAT (dermal white adipose tissue), shaped as “dermal cones” that reaches the dermis. 

LipoTrue™ presents the first anti-aging active ingredient from the platform LipoTrue Greenbeat™, Joybliss™ (INCI: Cimicifuga Racemosa Root Extract (and) Vitis Vinifera Fruit Cell Extract). This novel active ingredient helps to fill the wheel of plumping by modulating the adipogenesis process, inducing its differentiation and preventing adipose tissue aging by modulating its inflammation. It also increases the collagen I content in the hypodermis thanks to the communication between adipocytes and fibroblasts. 

Joybliss™ reduces crow’s feet and nasolabial wrinkles as a plumping ingredient, soothes erythema and brings radiance to the skin. Joybliss™ has been shown to increase the positive mood and decrease the vocal markers of stress after 28 days.  

Furthermore, a satisfaction questionnaire was performed, obtaining the following results, filling the wheel of plumping.Furthermore, a satisfaction questionnaire was performed, obtaining the following results, filling the wheel of plumping.


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