A Relaunch with a Natural Touch


Schülke announced the relaunch of euxyl K 903 (INCI: Benzyl Alcohol (and) Benzoic Acid (and) Dehydroacetic Acid), which now has natural tocopherol. With the stabilization of natural tocopherol alongside other natural occurring ingredients, euxyl K 903 meets various certifications including Ecocert, NATRUE and COSMOS.

The ingredient was developed with a combination of benzyl alcohol with the organic acids for formulators to have a preservative with efficiency and effectiveness, in addition to being gentle for sensitive product applications, including eye-area products. The ingredient can also be applied to baby wipes and other sensitive skin products where the reduction of sting potential is significant.

Additionally, the ingredient has a broad, balanced spectrum of effect against bacteria, yeast and mold. It is a typically biostatic product with the biocidal properties necessary for practical use.

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