Dow Corning and Lipo Collaborate for Microencapsulation

Dow Corning has joined forces with Lipo Chemicals Inc. to feature microencapsulation technology that combines the proven benefits of silicone with customized release for distinctive formulations that engage the senses.

These encapsulated ingredients reportedly allow formulators to create unique, consumer-pleasing products that feel luxurious and  have enticing fragrances and are visually distinctive. Combining microencapsulation with the proven benefits of silicone, formulators can create visual appeal, protect unstable cosmetic actives, sustain or customize release and combine previously incompatible ingredients in one formulation.

The prototype formulations in the “Engage Your Senses” formulation kit are: soft vanilla leave-in conditioner,  a novel hair conditioner with a vanilla fragrance and splashes of temporary color; peach smoothie body scrub, an exfoliating body scrub infused with natural ingredients to rejuvenate and protect; cherry silk body smoother, an all-over body moisturizer that softens and nourishes the skin; mint chocolate foot cream, a soothing relief for tired, aching feet; cool cucumber after shave balm, an after shaving balm that calms and soothes; and sparkling berry styling gel, a raspberry-scented, medium hold hair gel.

The alliance between Dow Corning and Lipo began in 2006. For more information, visit or

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