Gel to Enhance Boron Nitride Powder

Momentive Performance Materials introduced  a personal care gel designed to enhance the benefits of boron nitride powder. Velvesil FX Gel (INCI: Not provided) is said to improve the powder's processibility and spreadability as well as the sensory experience of the consumer product.

According to the company, formulators of color cosmetics and skin products may find the gel useful for optimization of the combined performance benefits of boron nitride including coverage, naturalness, line-blurring effects and oil absorption with the sensory attributes of silicones including soft, smooth feel and gentle application.

The gel also may streamline production by providing dispersion of boron nitride with virtually no dusting. Potential applications for the gel include foundation, eye shadow, antiaging products and oil control products. It specifically is designed for use in products where the consumer is expecting line-blurring effects, excellent coverage and a soft, dry powdery feel. For more information, visit

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