Fluorosilane Treatment to Improve Pigment Blooming

Sensient Cosmetic Technologies—LCW has introduced a fluorosilane treatment (FS) for inorganic and organic colorants, fillers and color extenders. Sensient has obtained a license for the manufacture and use of fluorosilane treated pigments in all finished cosmetic products, with the exception of nail lacquer products and applications, throughout the United States.

This treatment provides a shear-resistant coating that imparts a hydrophobic and lipophobic surface to Sensient’s Unipure pigments. The benefit of the fluorosilane treatment is that it imparts an improved oil and water resistance to the pigments, reports the company. This prevents “blooming” due to moisture and oil absorbance from the skin while contributing outstanding wear, exceptional adhesion and a luxuriously smooth feel, as well as reducing color drift.

For more information, visit www.lcw.fr.

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