Worlée Launches Castor Oil Alternative to PE and PP Exfoliants

Worlée has launched natural exfoliant beads as alternatives to plastic microparticles (PE and PP). WorléeBeads HCO (INCI: Hydrogenated Castor Oil) are designed for exfoliation in rinse-off products such as facial scrubs, body scrubs and shower gels.

These wax-based beads, like WorléeBeads Jojoba, feature a consistently smooth surface, for gentle exfoliation that is kind to the skin. The defined size of the exfoliating particles is as distinctive to the beads as their spherical shape and unique size distribution.

Due to their low particle size, plastic microparticles (100–500 μm) used in cosmetic applications can pass through filter plants and end up in water systems. These castor oils beads are biodegradable and derived from 100% renewable resources.They also pose no threat to the environment.

By selecting the appropriate particle size, a more or less abrasive effect can be achieved to suit the desired formulation. Formulators are advised to avoid high shear forces, use a suitable suspension agent for stability (xanthan gum, (H)ASE thickener) and to not heat above 75°C.

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