Coconut-derived Hydrotropes for Natural Cosmetics

Colonial Chemical Inc. has launched two naturally derived hydrotropes for formulation into natural personal care products. VerdeTrope 120 (Proposed INCI: Potassium Caprylate) and VerdeTrope 162 (INCI: Potassium Caprylate/Caprate) were created as vegetable-derived alternatives to petroleum-based hydrotropes such as sodium xylene sulfonate and sodium cumene sulfonate.

Whereas VerdeTrope 120 provides no foam to a formulation, VerdeTrope 162 provides low foam. Both hydrotropes are derived from coconut oil, and they have the company's Green Star Rating of 10.0. The hydrotropes are mild, causing low irritation. In addition, they are recommended for shampoos, hand soaps and body washes.

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