Polymer System for Nonwoven Products

Celanese Corp. has introduced a new polymer system that responds to the need for flushable nonwoven products that completely disperse when disposed into water. The patent-pending polymer system, Nacrylic STP, is reported to add value to chemically bonded wipes by supporting the wet strength requirements of products containing lotions and by triggering the wipe to fully disperse while in the presence of excess water.

This technology allows consumer products companies to market wipes as flushable products that disperse in virtually the same way as common toilet paper, according to the company. The company reports that the ingredient will change the way personal hygiene wipes are marketed to consumers going forward.

“ It is a polymer system technology that can make chemically bonded wipes truly flushable products,” said Claudia Berrón, marketing manager for engineered fabrics at Celanese. "While many wipes on the market today are considered flushable, few actually disperse. With Nacrylic STP, the wipe actually disperses, minimizing its impact on septic systems, water treatment facilities and the environment.”

The company maintains that it has the knowledge of the manufacturing processes and lotions that allow for the critical balance between wet strength and dispersibility.

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