Lyondell and Salvona Join Forces To Deliver Cooling Agents

Lyondell Chemical Co. has reached an agreement with Salvona Technologies to promote the use of Lyondell's cooling agents with Salvona's delivery systems. By joining forces, the two companies reportedly plan to offer microencapsulated products that provide improved performance in such applications as personal care, food and beverage and pharmaceuticals.

Lyondell's Millennium Specialty Chemicals business produces physiological cooling agents and coolant cocktails, including WinSense Extra coolants. Salvona has engineered delivery systems based on nanotechnology. The systems release an active ingredient over a period of time to improve and extend the cooling sensation.

Lyondell has reported that Millennium will refer customers to Salvona when they would benefit from Salvona's formulating microencapsulated coolants.

"While physiological coolants have been used principally in food, beverage and oral care, Salvona's nanotechnology delivery systems will expand their utility to a broader range of applications," said Douglas Rash, Lyondell's director of sales and marketing, flavors and fragrances.


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