Whole Grain Antiaging Active

P.L. Thomas introduces Hitex’s Lipowheat product (INCI: not provided) to the cosmetics market in North America. According to the company, wheat, the source of the active, harbors a combination of digalactosyl-diglycerides—lipids that are essential components of the skin—and ceramides that botanically are found only in rice, konjac and wheat; these materials have reported benefits for skin and hair. 

The ingredient is said to provide emulsifying ability, enabling the production of stable w/o/w and o/w/o emulsions without the need for co-emulsifiers. It also is applicable in nutritional supplements, functional foods and cosmetic products for the skin and hair, and is recommended at 1–2% in hair care products to treat the hair cuticle and protect the hair shaft, thus limiting the loss of proteins. In skin care applications, the ingredient is said to improve skin hydration, inhibit anti-elastase activity and free radical activity, and provide formulations with a pleasant feel.

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