Head to Toe Launches Meet Demand for Whole Body Care

The Group Technical Centre (GTC) recently reported on several new body care product launches formulated to meet consumer demands for natural products to treat the entire body…

Matthew Williamson's new Sensual Bath Oil formula contains essential oils of sesame, wheat germ, almond and grapeseed.

Dremu has launched two new emu oil-based products. Emu oil is becoming increasingly popular as its properties as a pain reliever and moisturizer become better known. Triple Refined 100% Emu Oil has emollient properties that reduce the appearance of wrinkles and penetrate the skin better than any other natural oil. The Pain Relief Oil contains a mixture of emu oil and 10 plant and essential oils to benefit stiff joints, sore muscles, arthritis and aid inflammation reduction.

Holland & Barratt introduced Crystal Spring Detox Pads, a best-seller in Japan. A pad is attached to the sole of one foot before the user goes to sleep and the following night, another pad is attached to the other foot. When the pad is removed in the morning it is discolored by toxins that been drawn out of the body. There are 14 pads in the box and during the two weeks, the deposits on the pad are said to diminish. Meanwhile the user sleeps better and has more energy and glowing skin. The pads are made from reed and bamboo extracts.

Sanctum's Body Polish combines salt, ground coffee, crushed macadamia nut and jojoba oil to effectively remove dead skin cells and help improve circulation.

New to Avon's Sleeptherapy collection is Body Cocoon, a body lotion to moisturize and soften skin, leaving it ready for bed.

Palmolive Thermal Spa Softening Shower Creme is a shower cream with thermal minerals designed to re-create the sensation of a thermal spa in the shower. Its creamy formula leaves skin feeling soft and smooth.

Boots’s Karmatherapy Spa Escape Ritual is a bath soak of mineral salts containing essential oils of yuzu, ylang-ylang and ginger, and is said to help ease tense muscles and calm frayed nerves. The mineral rich sea salt blend has the extract of aloe leaves to keep skin feeling soft and smooth.

American soldiers could soon benefit from tooth-cleaning chewing gum. An army research team has developed an active ingredient that can be included in gum to keep mouths clean when toothpaste and brushing are out of the question. U.S. Army researchers developed a protein called KSL that attacks the bacteria that causes plaque, which can easily be incorporated into the gum, making it an alternative to a toothbrush and toothpaste. The discovery could also prove to be a major discovery for the oral care industry, which has experienced huge growth from the sale oral of care chewing gum lines. However, the product is still only in the very early stages of trials.

-Group Technical Centre (GTC)

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