Patent Pick: Plant Extracts Treat the Root Cause of Aging


Recent discoveries suggest that aging is neither driven by accumulated molecular damage nor by random damage; broadly conserved longevity pathways are at the root of aging. And according to inventors on a new patent application, the best-characterized intervention to delay aging is caloric or dietary restriction.

Dietary restriction modulates the activity of multiple cellular factors, including sirtuins, key metabolic regulators such as AMP kinase, antioxidant enzymes, DNA damage response enzymes and others. In relation, reduced synthesis of new proteins via the inhibition of mRNA translation, enhanced degradation of damaged proteins and other macromolecules via autophagy, and altered carbon metabolism and mitochondrial function all contribute to lifespan extension. Although caloric restriction can provide significant benefits, its implementation in humans is unlikely and impractical.

While treatments exist for some aging-associated disorders, no treatments are currently known that delay aging of the entire organism by targeting multiple cellular processes with the help of natural extract(s); this was therefore the focus of the current inventors.

Natural extracts to holistically delay aging
WIPO Patent Application WO/2016/176771
Publication date: Nov. 10, 2016
Assignee: Idunn Technologies

Described by this patent application is an anti-aging composition comprising at least one plant extract and at least two anti-aging agents, wherein one is a plant extract. This combination reportedly imparts a superior effect to regulate longevity, compared with one anti-aging agent.

The plant extract is preferably selected from the group consisting of: black cohosh extract, Valerian extract, Ginkgo biloba extract, celery seed extract, white willow extract and passion flower extract. The composition may be formulated as a cosmetic composition, a dermatological composition, a nutraceutical composition or a pharmaceutical composition.

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