Buriti for Dry, Delicate or Damaged Skin

Beraca is launching both a silicone replacement for hair and a biofunctional buriti extract this year at in-cosmetics. Beracare ARS Hair (INCI: Not Provided) is a natural choice for silicone replacement that revitalizes hair. The company reports the ingredient to be rich in omega-6 and flavonoids. 

The active promotes hair nutrition, softness and shine. It revitalizes chemically treated hair and provides protection against environmental damages without promoting build-up effect or leaving a greasy feeling. The active is recommended for shampoos,  conditioners, hair tonics, hair lotions, hair masks and hair repair products. In addition, the ingredient is recommended at 2% and up.

The company will also introduce the Biofunctional Buriti Extract (INCI: Maurita Flexuosa Fruit Extract), an agent that promotes a regenerating effect on dry, damaged and delicate skin. The extract is a purifying and nourishing active ingredient with USDA Organic and Ecocert certification. Featuring tonic and antioxidant properties, the agent has a regenerating and repairing effect on dry, damaged and delicate skin and is also used for regular care of hair and skin.

The extract is originated from the fruit of the Buriti tree, found in the Amazon rainforest and known as “the tree of life.” It is regarded as an important source of subsistence for the local populations, as the whole plant can be used for different purposes, from the roots to the tip of its leaves.

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