Emollient with Water-holding Capacity

Ajinomoto has introduced an amino acid based emollient that has significant water holding capacity. Eldew APS-307 (INCI: Phytosteryl/ decyltetradecyl myristoryl methyl beta-alaninate) has a β-alanine structure and is a light, waxy emollient.

According to the company, the ingredient moisturizes the skin without stickiness. This new emolliet is the hardest wax among the Eldew range, suggesting applications in lipstick and foundation.

The ingredient’s water-holding capacity provides moisturization in a variety of cosmetic applications, including hair conditioners and styling gels; skin care creams, lotions, facial cleansers, sunscreen creams and makeup removers; and makeup products such as lipsticks and foundation.

For more information, visit www.ajichem.com.

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