Sea Grass Skin Cushioner

Active Organics has created what it terms "a skin cushioner." Actimoist Plus (INCI: Zostera marina (sea grass) pectin (and) hydrolyzed glycosaminoglycans) has a protective effect similar to adding a layer of resilient tissue to the skin surface. According to the company, the product reduces the energy imparted to the skin surface.

The product incorporates glycosaminoglycans, which are moisturizers and lubricants present in both the interstitial spaces between epidermal cells and as a major component of the dermis. The absence of this moisturizer reportedly can lead to the deterioration of the skin's collagen, as well as a loss of elasticity, flexibility and tonicity.

The sea grass extract in the product is a polysaccharide fraction. The ocean has, over time, induced the sea plant to modify its polysaccaride content in order to protect itself from such severe environmental changes. Thus the polysaccharide fraction of this plant consists primarily of naturally modified pectin.

The company reports that research has shown that the product may enhance the skin's immune system, resulting in a healthier and younger appearance of aged skin. It is recommended for both skin and hair care products.

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