Lipoid Forms Lipoid Kosmetik AG and Introduces Liposomal-encapsulated Plant Waters

The Lipoid Group has renamed its cosmetic activities Lipoid Kosmetik AG to reflect its acquisition of Cosmetochem AG. The newly formed company has also launched a line of plant-derived waters encapsulated in liposomes.

The Lipoid Group acquired Cosmetochem AG in 2007 to strengthen its position in the cosmetic market. Based on the level of experience and expertise in both fields, the new company (effective May 1, 2013) will continue to offer high quality natural products for use in skin care, skin repair and other applications in cosmetics.

Thanks to synergy effects, Lipoid Kosmetik AG will be able to focus even more on value added product innovations. Both companies are known for their flexibility and customized services as well as for their full regulatory support.

Lipoid Kosmetik AG has launched Herbasome, liposomally encapsulated, plant-derived waters that provide human skin with moisture. The waters are available in: Apple Water Herbasome, Pear Water Herbasome, Carrot Water Herbasome and Coconut Water Herbasome. An in vivo study clearly shows an increase of skin moisture up to 39% after seven days. Herbasome is a 100% natural product.

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