Antioxidant and Moisturizing Watermelon Seed Oil

Botanic Innovations has launched a watermelon seed oil from Africa that has antioxidant and skin moisturizing benefits. African Wild Watermelon Oil (INCI: Not Provided) is a light viscosity oil recommended for skin care and personal care products.

Citrullus lanatus, also known as Kalahari melon, originates from central Africa, where it thrives in high heat and dry conditions yet retains high levels of water. It is recognized for exceptional antioxidant activity and for its water holding properties, as well as for its elegant emollient feel.

Althought originating in Africa, the watermelon is grown exclusively for Botanic Innovations in North America (Wisconsin) with sustainable agricultural practice without use of herbicides, pesticides or artificial fertilizer. It is produced in the United States under the NatureFRESH Cold Press standard.

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