Natural Lactic Acid From Corbion Promotes Low-Odor Moisturization

High-quality grade L-lactic acid with a low base odor and a clear appearance is possible thanks to Corbion Purac. Purac UltraPure is a pure, natural lactic acid that brings moisturizing and anti-aging properties to formulations where a low base odor is required. For moisturization solutions, the lactic acid can be used as a powerful humectant that can support the skin's natural moisturizing factor (NMF) and provides hydration for up to four hours after application. The anti-aging effects of the lactic acid derive from its ability to stimulate exfoliation and cell renewal, moisturize and increase dermal and epidermal thickness. The product is effective for all skin types in various formulations, is easy to formulate and safe in use. The lactic acid has a low carbon footprint and is produced by the fermentation of carbohydrates to be considered biobased.

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