Lonza Quaternizes Larch Tree Extract to Create Hair Conditioning Polymer

Lonza Personal Care has boosted the natural hair care and film-forming benefits of its larch tree active LaraCare A200 (Galactoarabinan), by enriching it further with quaternization technology to create a hair conditioning polymer.

Laraquat (INCI: Galactoarabinan Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride) improves hair manageability and protects hair from humidity, reducing frizz significantly. The larch tree extract is a natural polysaccharide polymer that is linked with sugar units consisting of galactose and arabinose. It is then enhanced through a quaternization process that makes it more substantive to hair. It can be used in a variety of rinse-off and leave-on hair care formulations.

Galactoarabinan is a natural, renewable and sustainable resource from the larch tree. Careful harvesting minimizes impact on the environment and preserves the population of trees. Re-seeding is accomplished by purposefully leaving a minimum of high quality seed trees per acre. Total population of this tree species in Minnesota has increased since 1990.

The larch extract: conditions hair to improve manageability and combing, reduces hair frizz in humid conditions, reduces static and fly-away hair, protects hair from heat damage and reduces breakage. It is suitable for all hair types, including ethnic hair.

 Because the company also has a nutrition business, the company uses the same larch tree extract to create its ResistAid nutritional supplements, which provide both digestive health benefits and immune system support.

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