Desert-derived Postbiotic to Preserve Micobiome, Revive Radiance


Lactobacillus arizonensis is a desert-dwelling microorganism that colonizes jojoba, which is known for its ability to adapt to very dry conditions. Silab reproduced this natural environment in bioreactors to derive bioactive molecules for skin care applications.

Using advanced analytical techniques, Silab first identified and characterized the naturally occurring bioactives. These cyclic polyols are osmoprotecting molecules that regulate the water status of the plant under conditions of drought.

The company transferred this capability into skin care to treat dryness, resulting in the ingredient: Lactobiotyl (INCI: Maltodextrin (and) Lactobacillus Ferment). This active has been shown to improve skin dryness of the face and hands.

For example, in Caucasian volunteers having dry skin, after 28 days of twice daily application to the face, 1% Lactobiotyl maintained microbiota equilibrium and revitalized the renewal of the cutaneous barrier. In turn, hydration was improved by 16.2% and complexion radiance was revived, as shown by a skin reflection increase of 7.4% (p < 0.01). These hydrating and complexion-boosting effects were also significant in the facial skin of Asian volunteers.

This biotech-derived active is available as a powder without preservatives and is recommended at usage levels from 0.1% to 1%. It is also compliant with international cosmetic regulations, e.g., in Europe, the United States, Japan, China, etc.

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