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World leader in the engineering of natural active ingredients

A French independent company, SILAB has been recognized for its expertise in skin biology and in mastering plants and biotechnologies for more 40 years. It provides patented active ingredients with proven efficacy and safety, intended for major names in global cosmetic and dermo-cosmetic industry of skin care and hair care.

Solutions for healthy skin. SILAB Cosmetics markets a catalog of more than 100 cosmetic natural active ingredients, with scientifically proven functional properties complying with international regulations. They are recognized on the global beauty market for their high level of scientific innovation.

Solutions for compromised skin. SILAB Softcare has a strong commitment to health. Intended for the dermo-cosmetic and dermatological markets, its active ingredients respond to cutaneous disorders (atopic dermatitis, acne, etc.) by reactivating the biological mechanisms of healthy skin according to three principles of excellence: Efficacy, Safety and Naturality.

Years in business:39
Number of employees:400
Geographic sales distribution:SILAB is a French company specialized in highly efficient natural active molecules intended for the worldwide cosmetics and dermo-cosmetics industries.
Sales Channel:Direct sales, through subsidiaries and ditributors.
Product Summary:

As a forerunner, SILAB is recognized worldwide as a specialist in the engineering of natural active ingredients and in the development of advanced phytotensors for the cosmetic industry. Driven by its high scientific expertise, SILAB launches several products each year to answer the current and future needs of its customers.

  • Cosmetics/Personal Care Ingredient Supplier
  • Cosmetic Ingredients(Actives, Balancing-soothing, Cleansing, Color Cosmetics, Formulating aids, Hair Care, Moisturizing, Natural/Sustainable, Skin/Body, Specialized and more)
  • Cosmetic & Personal Care Formulas(AP/Deodorant, Anti-aging/Face, Hair Care, Skin Care, Sun Care)
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