Grass-based Moisturizing Powder for Color Cosmetics

Sederma has sourced a species of grass to allow for the creation of moisturizing powder makeup. Vegesome Moist 24 (INCI: Not Provided) is a stable, moisturizing powder based on the water-soluble Imperata cylindrica extract, which is loaded in hollow particles of exine (natural origin).

The company conducted in vivo studies where the hydration of a talc-based cosmetic powder with and without the moisturizing powder was assessed with a Corneometer and MoistureMeter-D. At 1%, the moisturizing powder was found to provide a progressive and significant improvement in skin hydration. In contrast, the placebo dehydrated the skin by absorbing its moisture. Visual evaluation confirmed that the skin has less squames and looks less dry with the moisturizing powder compared to the placebo.

The ingredient is recommended for in powder makeup formulations such as loose powder, blush, eye shadow, etc. In addition, it can be incorporated into natural color cosmetics.

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