Film-former Silicone Emulsions for Hair

Wacker showcased a new generation of aminofunctional film-forming silicone emulsions at this year’s FCE Cosmetique, held May 29-31, 2012, in São Paulo, Brazil. Belsil ADM 6300 E (INCI: Amodimethicone/Morpholinomethyl Silsesquioxane (and) Trideceth-10) and Belsil ADM 8301 E (INCI: Amodimethicone/Morpholinomethyl Silsesquioxane (and) Trideceth-5 (and) Glycerin), are designed to give hair softness and sleekness while protecting against color fade and moisture loss.

Belsil ADM 8301 E is formulated as a translucent microemulsion with a particle size smaller than 50 nm. In contrast, the milky white macro-emulsion, Belsil ADM 6300 E, has a particle size of less than 250 nm. Both products condition hair by spreading along the fiber and forming a protective film upon drying. This gives hair a soft, silky touch and strongly reduces dry and wet combing forces.

According to the company, both products are especially suitable for rinse-off conditioners, hair treatments, masks, pump sprays, conditioning shampoos and styling applications, such as mousses. Additionally, the colorless Belsil ADM 8301 E also enables the formulation of transparent shampoos.

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