Chestnut Extract for Hair Moisturization, Protection

Phenbiox has introduced an organic active for hair moisturization and protection that is derived from chestnut. AQ-Save (INCI: Hydrolyzed Chestnut Extract) is produced through the company's patented enzymatic extraction of the Castanea sativa fruit.

According to the company, the enzymatic process allows the company to obtain a 100% bioavailable extract of the fruit. This reportedly increases the cosmetic benefit of the extracts, fatty acids, proteins and short-chain sugars. The process also is said to allow the company to obtain molecules that are appropriately sized to penetrate and restructure the hair.

Hair is damaged by dyes, hair irons, hair dryers and chemical treatments that make hair weak and brittle, hindering its ability to retain water. The chestnut extract is said to repair and protect hair from this daily damage without causing buildup and is said to impart a glossy look to hair. 

The extract is recommended at 1-3% in both rinse-off and leave-on treatments including shampoos and conditioners, hair gels and hair masks. The extract is distributed in North America by TRI-K Industries.

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