Silicone Emulsion for Hair Styling and Conditioning

Dow Corning has launched an amino silicone elastomer emulsion for leave-in conditioners and hair styling products that combines hair styling with conditioning benefits. Dow Corning CE-7080 Smart Style (INCI: Silicone Quaternium-16/Glycidoxy Dimethicone Crosspolymer (and) Undeceth-11 (and) Undeceth-5) is said to define curls, control frizz, add bounce to hair and impart a flexible hold while conditioning and leaving hair smooth.

The company conducted lab tests to report that a mousse formulated with 1% of the emulsion imparted a smoother feel to hair than a control formulation and a formulation containing an acrylate copolymer. In curl retention tests, 2% of the emulsion in a leave-in conditioner performed better than an acrylate copolymer and a control.

The emulsion is recommended for leave-in conditioners, mousses, combing creams, curl creams, styling gels, creams and sprays.

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