Polymers for Hair Conditioning, Styling and Shine

DSM Nutritional Products has launched Tilamar Polymers (INCIs: Not Provided), a range of polymers for hair care with benefits including moisturization, color protection, conditioning, softening and combability, among others.

Tilamar Quat 640 is recommended for moisturizing and protection of color treated hair. According to the company, the material exhibits conditioning properties in end products such as shampoos, conditioners, treatments and colorants. Treatment with the polymer is said to result in excellent combability and improved feel properties on both wet and dry hair. Furthermore, the polymer provides washability without leaving build-up, particularly on fine hair. For formulators, its low viscosity promotes easier handling and processing.

Tilamar Quat 2240 also adds conditioning properties to hair care products. This polymer reportedly softens hair and imparts good feel and combability on both wet and dry hair. This, again, is further enhanced by washability and no build-up.

Conditioning is also offered by Tilamar Quat 2240, which is designed to exhibit good wet combability and excellent feel properties. Formulators can produce clear and transparent formulations, such as shampoos and treatments, with this polymer.

Tilamar OP 40 is an opacifier that delivers a creamy, nourishing appearance in various product forms. The polymer shows improved salt stability and overall robustness in the long-term stability of cationic formula systems. Furthermore, the product  displays excellent performance in low viscosity systems.

Tilamar Quat 740 adds conditioning performance to a number of hair care products. This polymer reportedly imparts good sensorial attributes and combing properties for both wet and dry hair. The product also has high salt compatibility and solubility in anionic surfactant formulas, and is compatible with clear hair care formulations.

Finally, Tilamar Fix A1000 was designed to impart strong hold and a non-sticky feel to styling sprays, particularly aerosols. According to the company, the polymer's high humidity curl retention performance exceeds industry benchmarks.

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