Plant Complexes Designed for Oily Phase Products

Alban Muller International has launched a line of oil-soluble plant complexes, all with different skin or hair benefits. Lipidamix includes seven plant complexes designed for products with an oily phase such as emulsions, emulsion serums, care oils, etc. The complexes are made by macerating several plants in sunflower seed oil, which is ideal to extract the oil-soluble molecules, according to the company. 

Each of the seven complexes features a blend of plant extracts for a designed target. Lipidamix Antiaging is a combination of wheat, sunflower, horsetail and myrrh while Lipidamix Firming is a combination of fenugreek, hops, horsetail and frankincense. Other complexes include: Lipidamix Moisturising, a combination of ivy, mallow, pellitory of the wall and elder flower; Lipidamix Purifying, a combination of myrrh, great burdock, great plantain, thyme and mallow; Lipidamix Radiance a combination of mallow, red vine and scotch pine; Lipidamix Slimming, a combination of bladderwrack, ivy and meadowsweet; and Lipidamix Softening, a combination of pot marigold, Roman chamomile, carrot, myrrh and elder flower.

According to the company, the range is free of preservatives, 100% natural and manufactured according to low-energy processes. The company finds that formulators can use the range to reduce the number of control tests and regulatory filings. The range is recommended for formulation into natural skin care or hair care products.

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