Natural Water Delivery Active

Arch Personal Care Products has developed a natural active designed to regulate the skin’s ability to channel moisture to the areas where it is needed most. DermaFlux is able to direct moisture through the up-regulation of the protein Aquaporin-3.

The ingredient reportedly controls water balance within the cellular membrane due to the presence of three key osmolytes and a sugar. In vitro studies were performed on human keratinocytes, whereby the cells were exposed to a dehydrated state, and measured to determine their ability to maintain their size or hold moisture under these aggressive conditions. According to the company, the results confirm that a 1% treatment of DermaFlux keeps cells plump with moisture when compared to untreated control cells during the dehydrated state.

In an in vivo study, raman confocal spectroscopy demonstrated that a 2% treatment of the ingredient enhances moisturization when compared to a glycerin control. The company reports that the ingredient responds to the demands of a changing environment by regulating skin’s moisture and helping it hold on to vital water even under the most demanding, dry conditions.

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