Chronobiology for Dry Skin Moisture


Cognis introduces a moisturizer designed by the company to account for the effects of chronobiology. PA Reviviscence LS 9562's main ingredient is an extract from the resurrection plan Myrothamnus flabellifolia, which according to the company, grows in dry regions, enabling it to provide extra protection.

Revivascence is reported to be formulated with anti-oxidants, associated with oligosaccharides derived from the xyloglycans from Tamarindus indica, immunostimulating and moisturizing, and trehalose, osmoregulating and also moisturizing.  According to the company, the product's new active ingredient is suitable for skin care products designed for dry skin or extreme conditions.  The company has also found the moisturizer to be long-lasting, estimating its lifespan at 24 hours.

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