Profile of Polyquaternium-6

Polyquaternium-6 (PQ-6) is the polymeric quaternary ammonium salt derived from the homopolymerization of diallyldimethylammonium chloride (DADMAC) monomer, as shown in Figure 1.1, 2 The grades of PQ-6 supplied to the personal care industry typically have weight-average molecular weight (Mw) values of ca. 150,000 g/mol, although grades with Mw values as low as 15,000 g/mol are available.3 PQ-6 is a strong polyelectrolyte, i.e. it is comprised of repeating units that remain fully ionized in aqueous solutions independent of the solution pH value. In addition, PQ-6 has a relatively high cationic charge density because each repeating unit bears a positive charge.

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