Silicone Amino Elastomer Emulsion for Conditioning and Styling Performance

Raw materials for innovative hair care applications have evolved signifi cantly in recent years, as have formulation technologies that bring consumers high-performance products. Despite these advances, it can remain a challenge to deliver good fixative strength, positive aesthetics and a natural look in one package. One approach is a new silicone amino elastomer emulsion that combines conditioning and styling performance.

A new crosspolymer combines amino functionality for enhanced conditioning performance, and elastomer technology for styling benefi ts. Quaternary and hydroxyl groups also are attached to the silicone backbone. A cross-linker provides elastomeric characteristics that aid styling properties.

A proprietary nonionic microemulsiona based on this amino elastomer technology was designed for hair styling applications such as mousses and hair sprays, as well as shampoos and leaveon and rinse-off conditioners. Because the nonionic emulsion is water-based, it is easy to formulate into hair care products. Its multifunctional nature can be translated to several enhanced properties: curl retention, including styling memory, bounce-back and flexible hold; shine; a soft feel without tackiness; thermal protection; frizz control; and lack of flaking. 

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