BASF Presents Gold Mica for Sparkle and Glow

At in-cosmetics 2015, BASF will focus on “Ancient Wisdom,” a trend from its “Color Trends 2016” collection that revolves around ideals of beauty and ideologies of the ancient world, calling for a color palette inspired by the Romance and Renaissance eras. This color palette features nude, creamy tones and warm metallic gold.

Whereas the “Ancient Wisdom” trend from BASF’s “Color Trends 2016” collection looks at the mineral resource and the ancient use of gold and gold leaf, the “Color Trends 2017” collection will show the evolution of gold into metallic shades like bronze.

In addition to its range of gold pearls, the company launched  Chione Celestial Gold, a new generation of gold synthetic mica with a pure white gold shade, able to give cosmetics from lip gloss to body serum a shimmering glow and shine.

The gold effect pigment is composed of titanium dioxide and iron oxide coated onto a synthetic mica substrate. The average particle size of 95 µm results in a very sparkly appearance of the pigment. The coating delivers a high chroma, bright golden color. The pigment is ideal in applications where high golden sparkle is desired.

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