TiO2 Coated Fluorphlogopite for a Silver White Luster

EMD Chemicals Inc. has added a high intensity silver white pigment based on synthetic mica to its Timiron line. Timiron Ice Crystal (INCI: not provided) is a pigment that is said to impart brilliant silver white shimmer and dramatic luster to formulas.

The product's particle shape is designed to provide feel characteristics that are not anticipated by its visual appearance. Based on synthetic fluorphlogopite coated with titanium dioxide, the pigment imparts shimmer and luminosity even in opaque applications, according to the company. In addition, it easily combines with other pigments to achieve a wide range of colorful, vibrant effects.

The pigment can be included in a number of cosmetic formulations, from color cosmetics to skin care. The company reports it is easily incorporated and can provide effects in transparent formulations with the addition of only low concentrations of the pigment.

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